• Please Control Your Emotions!

    Tuesday August 04th, 2015 I have noticed a disturbing trend with some people in need of criminal defense. They are good people, never been in trouble in their lives, and never been arrested for anything. They have extremely good jobs, and are excellent college students. They all have one thing in common, they can’t ... Read more
  • Protective Orders

    Tuesday July 28th, 2015 Too many clients have walked into my office stating that their wives or girlfriends have had protective orders against them only to ask them to come back into their shared residence. The very nature of a protective order is that you stay away from the other party for usually a ... Read more
  • Don’t text these messages

    Monday July 27th, 2015 “Watch your back.” “You are digging your grave.” “You’re gonna get what’s coming.” “I know where you live.” It might seem like common sense, but these messages will probably get you charged with Assault, Protective Order, or even worse. Without context attached to these text messages, it can be construed to ... Read more
  • Monday July 13th, 2015 Nigerian American Lawyers Association (NALA) with the Honorable Judge Hassan El-Amin Read more
  • Don’t talk to “them” without a lawyer!

    Monday July 06th, 2015 Imagine this scenario: Bobby is accused of a serious offense at work. His supervisor calls him in to talk, and Bobby doesn’t think it is a big deal so he talks to his supervisor. He even goes as far as to give a written statement to them to explain his ... Read more
  • Full Coverage for your Car is Essential

    Monday June 29th, 2015 Full insurance coverage for your vehicle is essential because it gives you peace of mind. While liability is being determined (and we know that can take forever sometimes) your rental is covered, your vehicle is getting repaired, and you are being taken care of. Sure, it is more expensive to ... Read more
  • Kiddie jail is real

    Tuesday June 23rd, 2015 It must be a parent’s nightmare to search for a lawyer to defend their child’s criminal charges. I say child because children as young as 10 year olds are being charged with assault, robbery, drug and weapon offenses in juvenile court. If these children are convicted of the crimes ... Read more
  • Public Internet Access to Case Records

    Monday June 15th, 2015 DC courts online provides people with Internet access to information from case records. This information includes defendant name, case number, plaintiff name (civil cases only), trial date, charge, and the outcome of the case. The cases that are available are criminal, and civil cases. The information on the website is ... Read more
  • Is your driver’s license suspended?

    Wednesday June 10th, 2015 Too many of us jump into our cars and drive off to one destination after another without knowing if our license is suspended. Here are common reasons why your license might be suspended: • You may have failed to appear for a court date (FTA). Changing your address at the DMV ... Read more
  • Bench Warrants

    Tuesday June 09th, 2015 One of the most common ways people get bench warrants is failing to show up for court. Whether it is a traffic or criminal matter, if you don’t show up for court you usually get a bench warrant. A major cause of this is a change of address. Changing your ... Read more