• When your Car is Totaled in a Car Accident

    Thursday September 29th, 2016 The biggest question will be what is the value of your vehicle? The insurance company’s valuation for your car is usually not the same as your own valuation. Your valuation is usually higher than what the insurance company wants to pay for it. Negotiations with the adjuster is one way ... Read more
  • Changes to Maryland’s Criminal Justice System Ignition Interlocks:

    Wednesday September 21st, 2016 Most convicted drunken drivers will be required to have locks put on their cars that prevent them from driving unless they pass a breathalyzer test. The measure was called Noah’s Law in honor of Noah Leotta, a Montgomery County police officer who was hit and killed in December by a ... Read more
  • Is your driver’s license suspended?

    Thursday September 22nd, 2016 Too many of us jump into our cars and drive off to one destination after another without knowing if our license is suspended. Here are common reasons why your license might be suspended: • You may have failed to appear for a court date (FTA). Changing your address at the DMV ... Read more
  • Changes to Maryland’s Criminal Justice System

    Tuesday September 20th, 2016 In the last days of May 2016, Governor Hogan signed a bill that overhauls the criminal justice system in Maryland. For a detailed look at the changes please read the link: Read more
  • When You Violate Probation

    Tuesday May 31st, 2016 Violation of probation can occur in two ways: A Technical violation Getting a new offense A technical violation is where you break one of the rules the court set for you during your probation.  Some of these rules are: meet regularly with your probation officer, pay restitution to the victims of your case, ... Read more
  • What is Probation?

    Thursday May 19th, 2016 Probation is punishment usually available for misdemeanors and first-time offenders in criminal cases.  Probation allows that you to spend less time in jail or avoid jail time altogether depending on the facts of your case.  For this leniency comes certain restrictions on your life. Some examples are: Attend counseling such as ... Read more
  • Client Testimonial

    Thursday May 12th, 2016 “I procrastinated about finding a lawyer for my traffic case and wasn’t sure what to expect from a “last minute” attorney. I had spoken to someone else who wasn’t very engaging so I expected the bare minimum. Chinwe was on top of things from our first call. She started the ... Read more
  • Nigerian Driver’s License to Drive in Maryland?

    Tuesday May 03rd, 2016 Yes, and I am sure you are very excited about that : )  You can use your Nigerian driver’s license to drive in Maryland and Washington DC if you meet the following criteria: Your Nigerian driver’s license is valid (not expired or fake) You are a visitor to the United States Where people ... Read more
  • Jail Time for a Suspended License?

    Monday April 25th, 2016 Yes!  Get this, this is in the state of Maryland!  Driving on a suspended license in Maryland carries up to 1 year in jail and/or $1,000 and a possible 12 points on your driving record.  Too many people think that all they have to do is fix the reason why ... Read more
  • What Happens When I Am Served with a Protective Order?

    Tuesday April 12th, 2016 If you live with the person petitioning against you, you must move out immediately. Yes, even if you have children together in the house. You will have a hearing within 7-14 days where the judge will decide whether or not to grant the order against you. The petitioner seeking the order from ... Read more