Who are you hanging with?

Group of teenagers driving in a Convertible car.

You know that saying, “Friends of a feather flock together” the criminal justice system believes in it. There are at least 3 criminal charges you will get if you ride with the wrong friends. Imagine you need a ride and your friend pulls up in her sedan. The police pulls your friend over because she is speeding. When the officer comes closer he smells drugs and searches the car. He finds drugs in the glove box and asks the question to you and your friend, “Whose drugs are these?” I believe the answer to that questions is always, “Not mine!”  The police officer will have no choice but to charge everyone in the car. Whether or not you are convicted is a different story. The issue is you will have a pending drug charge that is public record. This pending charge will come up in background checks for jobs, rental apartments and purchasing a home. You are innocent until proven guilty, but that pending charge will cost you.

The same goes for weapons charges. When a handgun is found under the passenger seat or in the trunk, all occupants in the car are charged. Also if you are riding in a stolen car and you don’t know it is stolen, everyone in the vehicle is charged. I have seen girlfriends driving their boyfriend’s car get charged. I have seen people giving acquaintances a ride not knowing they brought a weapon into the vehicle also get charged.

The question is who are you riding with? Ignorance is not a defense. These are some of the charges that could be next to your name for riding with the wrong friends: Possession of a controlled dangerous substance – not marijuana, possession of a handgun, transporting a handgun in a vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and theft of a motor vehicle.



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