Someone Please Call 911

I was involved in a pedestrian accident when I was in primary 3 (3rd grade). I was walking home from school and saw something that scared me. Without thinking, I ran into the streets trying to get to the other side of the road. I collided into a taxicab and was knocked down. Inside the taxicab was my friend who was a Brownie (Girls Guide Organization) and her mother. The taxi driver got out panicking asking what to do next. He drove me home so my family could make decisions for me. When I got home there was even more chaos because people were running around saying I had died. With all the commotion my mother was confused and could not get the facts of the accident. All this while, I was sitting in the taxicab bleeding. I did not feel any pain, I guess I was in shock. Everything seem to be happening in slow motion. A passerby saw the commotion, jumped into the taxi and directed the taxi driver to a nearby hospital where I received 15 stitches to my right side. The taxi driver came to visit me in the hospital, and at home because he felt guilty for the accident even though it was my fault for running into the streets.

As a personal injury attorney, I hear complaints about how the auto accident process here does not work. With good reason, there are complaints that the ambulance took too long to show up, and the police officers were not through in their investigation of liability at the scene of the accident. There are also complaints that the emergency room bills are too high, and the process of getting compensated takes too long. My pedestrian accident happened in a country where there was no 911, or no ambulance to notify of an emergency. There was only chaos and disorder. For all the improvements that need to be made to our system, I am grateful that there is a system in place.

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