Q & A Why does the insurance company ask for pre-accident medical records?

I get asked this question by many of my clients who are often confused as to why the insurance company has the right to ask for and review their medical records before the date of the accident. Sometimes the requests go as far back as three to five years, and rightfully so, many clients are not enthusiastic about this request because they feel it is a violation of their privacy. These requests are very common in cases where there are pre-existing injuries before the accident. The insurance companies need these records to determine what the pre-existing injuries are and where the overlap in your injury is. You don’t usually have a choice in these cases and if the records are not produced before a lawsuit, the insurance company will retrieve them during the discovery stage of the lawsuit. The idea is to gather as much information as possible and determine whether or not your injury was caused or amplified by the accident in question.

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