My Social Distancing Netflix Recommendations

We are in exceedingly difficult times and it has been an exhausting number of days.  Sometimes we need an escape and here are my personal Netflix recommendations in no particular order. I hope you enjoy them!

  • I like Nollywood movies; films made in Nigeria, West Africa. My favorites are Fifty (the movie), Lion Heart, Chief Daddy, Isoken, Iyore, and The Wedding Party.
  • I also love historical and period dramas and highly recommend The Bonfire of Destiny, The Crown, The Physician, Medici, Reign, The Borgias, Morocco: Love in Times of War, and The Last Kingdom.
  • I recently got into Korean Dramas (also known as “K Dramas”) and absolutely love them! I am even picking up on some of the language. My recommendations are Crash Landing on You, Inheritors, and The King.
  • Other Netflix favorites include Becoming, Always Be My Maybe, Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia, Never Have I Ever, All American, Anne with an E, and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Remember to vote in your primaries, continue to social distance, love your neighbor as you love yourself and find a reason to smile.



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