My Motivation

I was recently asked by a potential client what is my motivation when I represent people. I smiled thinking about my earlier post about loving what I do. I stated in that post that, “If I wasn’t a lawyer, I would be that nosy relative who wanted to fix all your problems” (my brother believes I am). The truth of the matter is that when I see people make bad decisions due to a lack of knowledge I get stopped in my tracks. Knowledge is power, more precious than silver and gold. It really bothers me that people continue to make decisions that lead them to legal problems, and these are problems that could have been avoided. I educate all my clients on their issue and how best to avoid them in the future. I educate my clients about how to keep their record clean. I educate my clients on how to protect themselves by getting the best insurance policies. I keep educating them with the quarterly newsletter sent to them by my firm. That is my motivation.



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