Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI): It Happens More Than You Think

A lot of people shrink back in shock. “He got charged with a DUI?!”, they ask with condemnation. What people don’t realize is that this happens more often than imagined. To be honest, drinking is hardly unusual. It can be a symptom of a problem such as relationship issues or mental/emotional distress, but more often than not, people participate in social drinking at parties, happy hours, dinners, etc. Whatever the reason, if you do drink and have a license, you are at risk of getting a DUI.
Most people charged with DUIs erroneously believe that they are not intoxicated, and are fully capable of driving. “I only had two drinks,” is the number one response given to police officers. The problem is, it only takes one drink to impair judgement and in Maryland and Washington, D.C. the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is only 0.08%

Penalties for DUI in Maryland

· First Offense: 1 year maximum and/or $1000 and 45 days suspension
· Second Offense: 2 years maximum and/or $2000 and 90 days suspension
· Third Offense or subsequent offense: 3 years maximum and/or $3000
*Incarceration is increased if children are in the vehicle at the time of the traffic stop

Penalties for DUI in Washington, D.C.
· First Offense: 90 days maximum and/or $300-$1,000 and 6 months suspension
· Second Offense: 1 year maximum and/or $1,000-$5,000 and 1 year suspension
· Third Offense: 1 year maximum and/or $2,000-$10,000 and 2 years suspension



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