Don’t pay that traffic citation

Whenever you have a traffic citation you should always consider going to court first. I know, who has time for court right? It is much easier to pay the fine for the traffic citation and move on with your life. However, many of the traffic citations carry points and hefty fines. When you pay the fine, you pay the maximum amount of the fine and incur the maximum points. Taking the time to go to court has its benefits. For instance, your case could be dismissed if there is no witness for the State (when the officer is not preset in court). Another outcome could be the Judge might lower the amount of the fine, which is always appreciated. In addition, all or some of the points associated with the traffic citation could be waived by the Judge. Lastly, you could decide to have a trial if you disagree with the traffic citation. When you pay for the citation without going to court, you remove all chances to mitigate the penalty of your citation



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