Client Testimonial – Pedestrian Accident Caused by DUI Driver.

My daughter was involved in a deadly automobile accident with two other fellow students at Towson University as they were in a procession heading to an invent venue beside the Campus. An SUV truck driven by a young lady ran a red light with speed and hit three students. My daughter was one of them, and as a matter of fact she was severely injured but miraculously her life was saved by God. Chinwe Kpaduwa was introduced to my family as a great attorney specializing in this type of complex situation. The SUV driver tested positive to an exceedingly high alcohol percentage in her system. Ms. Kpaduwa was very articulate in all aspects of the ensuing case: investigative skills, hospital care, medical bills, court appearances with well-prepared presentations of charges against the accused. She had a cordial response to my family members inquiries about current situations of things every time. We were successful at the end; my daughter is doing great and I proudly submit that Ms. Chinwe Kpaduwa is the best attorney I have ever dealt with in the State of Maryland. My family’s appreciation goes to her and the Omena Law Firm.

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