Client Testimonial

Ms. Kpaduwa was very professional and kept me updated on my case. Also, when I was about to freak out, Ms. Kpaduwa arranged to meet with me to answer any concerns I had and discussed with me how Maryland criminal system works to keep me from worrying prior to the date the court set for me to hear my case. It turned out I ended up not having to appear in front of judge after all due to Ms. Kpaduwa communicating with the District Attorney assigned to the case. Ms. Kpaduwa filed to have my record expunged immediately after my case was dismissed in court and emailed me with the document for my file. I was 100 percent pleased with the way Ms. Kpaduwa handled my case. If I ever need a lawyer for a specific issue, I will certainly reach out to Ms. Kpaduwa for help as well as refer others to her firm.



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