• Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI): It Happens More Than You Think

    Monday June 19th, 2017 A lot of people shrink back in shock. “He got charged with a DUI?!”, they ask with condemnation. What people don’t realize is that this happens more often than imagined. To be honest, drinking is hardly unusual. It can be a symptom of a problem such as relationship issues or ... Read more
  • Do the police target happy hour for drunk drivers?

    Tuesday June 13th, 2017 Happy hours are one of the many targets of police officers when looking for drunk drivers. As you head to your various happy hour locations for the weekend, remember that police officers sit outside of bars and restaurants, watching to see who will be driving under the influence of ... Read more
  • Traffic Court – No Officer, plea not guilty

    Thursday June 08th, 2017 The State needs a witness to make a case against you. When you are pulled over for traffic citations the officer needs to be in court for the case to go forward. When there is no officer, plea not guilty. Some jurisdictions have officers on call for trials so that ... Read more
  • Car Accident, Criminal & Traffic Lawyer

    Wednesday May 24th, 2017 Omena Law Firm, LLC is Maryland’s injury law firm. We protect accident victims from insurance companies through skillful negotiation or litigation. We will get you the compensation you deserve in your injury case. We are also former prosecutors with extensive trial experience in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. We handle ... Read more
  • That Traffic Ticket!

    Tuesday May 02nd, 2017 When you get a traffic ticket and you decide you don’t want to pay the fine you must request for a trial. At the bottom of the ticket there should be a box where you select the option for a trial that must be mailed to the address provided on ... Read more
  • We should all open impound lots

    Monday April 10th, 2017 If your car is impounded for a traffic violation such as driving on a suspended insurance your car goes to the police impound lot until you claim it. Unclaimed vehicles are auctioned by the police after a certain period because some people can’t afford to pay the impound fees that ... Read more
  • Driver’s License Identity Theft

    Saturday March 25th, 2017 Once in a while, I handle cases where someone has a traffic court date but was never pulled over by the police. Despite the fact that they honestly have not committed a traffic violation, they are shocked to find that the case has their correct information (i.e. full ... Read more
  • Client Testimonial

    Tuesday March 21st, 2017 I’m so thankful and grateful for Chinwe! She listened to the specifics of my case and was diligent, knowledgeable and extremely professional while providing me with the absolute best representation. I was extremely nervous about my case. But she provided detailed information which helped reduced my anxiety greatly. She was ... Read more
  • Free Rides for 2017 Holidays provided by Lyft and SoberRide

    Wednesday March 08th, 2017 Free rides are being provided by Lyft and SoberRide during the 2017 holidays starting with St. Patrick’s Day March 17 at 4pm until March 18 at 4 am. For more information please see the link below. #Antidrunkdriving in the Washington D.C area. Free Rides During Holidays Read more
  • Don’t pay that traffic citation

    Monday February 20th, 2017 Whenever you have a traffic citation you should always consider going to court first. I know, who has time for court right? It is much easier to pay the fine for the traffic citation and move on with your life. However, many of the traffic citations carry points and hefty ... Read more