• What is Whiplash?

    Wednesday June 26th, 2019 This is a fairly common injury that occurs to a person’s neck following a sudden acceleration-deceleration force that causes unrestrained, rapid forward and backward movement of the head and neck. They are fairly commonly in car accidents. The term whiplash describes damage to both the bone structures and soft tissues ... Read more
  • Client Testimonial

    Wednesday June 19th, 2019 Excellent Attorney From the first visit to our last correspondence, Chinwe was excellent. She communicated and practically predicted that if I was patient I would get the right outcome from my case. She worked diligently and fast. I am 100% satisfied. O.O Silver Spring, MD June 18, 2019 Read more
  • When They See Us – Netflix

    Monday June 17th, 2019 This miniseries was hard for me to watch as a mother of boys, as a lawyer, and a former prosecutor. The obvious villain in the miniseries is Linda Fairstein. However, there are other people who should be called out as well. Everyone who kept quiet when they saw what Fairstein ... Read more
  • Pain & Suffering

    Monday June 10th, 2019 Pain and Suffering is one of the most important components in negotiations for your personal injury claim. Aside from your medical bills and records, this is where the value of your claim lies. The questions to ask yourself are: • How serious are my injuries? • What was my daily routine that I ... Read more
  • Q & A Why does the insurance company ask for pre-accident medical records?

    Tuesday May 28th, 2019 I get asked this question by many of my clients who are often confused as to why the insurance company has the right to ask for and review their medical records before the date of the accident. Sometimes the requests go as far back as three to five years, and ... Read more
  • Give to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

    Monday May 20th, 2019   The day I had my first child, 10 years ago in Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, their maternity rooms were full and they had no space for me and my new baby. They moved me to Pediatrics where we were surrounded by children of all ages suffering from various ... Read more
  • Verdict & Settlements: Motor Vehicle Liability

    Monday May 20th, 2019 Chronicles of a Liability Dispute Plaintiff, Gwen Stacy*, 32, was driving to work in a Nissan Altima on Minnesota Avenue and Eastern Avenue Northeast, Washington, D.C. at 11:55 a.m. on February 16, 2016 when Defendant, Julia Carpenter*, travelling southbound on Addition road, noticed a large amount of standing water. Trying to ... Read more
  • Client Testimonial:

    Sunday April 28th, 2019 Dealing with Omena Law Firm was by far the best service I’ve encountered. From communication to sound advice to knowledge to fast execution and response time, this a lawyer to have to defend you. Excellence at it’s finest. O.I. Annapolis, Maryland If you have been injured in a car accident Omena ... Read more
  • Six years of service!

    Monday March 11th, 2019 Read more
  • Recorded Statements – Not without my Lawyer

    Tuesday February 26th, 2019 When you have been in an accident that results in an injury, someone from the other party may call you to give a recorded statement. They may want to ask you questions about how the accident happened, how you got injured, and what your injuries were. They will inform you ... Read more