• Do you drive for Uber or Lyft?

    Monday January 28th, 2019 Ride sharing programs are all the rage these days, and everyone is excited to make that extra coin. Most people engaging in ride sharing programs are not informing their personal insurance companies of the additional use of their vehicle, and that becomes a problem if you are at fault for ... Read more
  • I got a ticket for hanging an air freshener on my rear -view mirror. Why?

    Monday January 21st, 2019 An officer can give you a ticket because you have dangling objects from the rear-view mirror of your car. This violation is called Windshield Obstruction and it is prohibited in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. These “objects” could be air fresheners, Mardi Gras beads or anything blocking your line of sight ... Read more
  • First Things to Do in an Accident: Contact Eye Witnesses

    Monday January 14th, 2019 Eye witnesses can be extremely helpful to your case. It is important to get witnesses for any case, be it a car accident or slip and fall. Witnesses can corroborate your story, further validating your credibility. Most cases are “he said/she said” cases, your word against theirs. Your ... Read more
  • What information do I need from the at-fault driver when the police does not show up at the scene of the accident?

    Wednesday January 09th, 2019 Sometimes when there are no apparent injuries in a minor car accident, the police will inform the drivers to exchange their information on their own without police involvement. The following items below are vital for the success of your personal injury claim • Take a picture of the driver’s ... Read more
  • Happy New Year!

    Sunday December 30th, 2018 Happy New Year to you and your family! Read more
  • Car Accident Injury Attorney

    Tuesday November 27th, 2018   If you have been injured in a car accident and you need legal representation, give us a call at 301-363-1604. Read more
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Monday November 19th, 2018 Read more
  • Common Mistakes People Make After A Car Accident

    Tuesday November 13th, 2018   When you are treating with your doctor, your appointments should be consistent until you are discharged. Sometimes people take breaks in treatments and miss doctor appointments. Some don’t want to take time from work. Others skip because they get busy with holidays, life or just can’t be bothered with treating ... Read more
  • Statute of Limitations in Accident Cases

    Wednesday October 24th, 2018 You have a certain amount to time to sue for the injuries sustained in a car accident. Once the statute of limitations runs on your case, your are barred permanently from ever recovering for your injuries. The clock starts to run from the date of the accident. The time limit ... Read more
  • The condition of your tires affect where or not you will be in an accident. Check out this google search question:

    Monday October 22nd, 2018 How do you know when you need new tires? A super-easy way to check your tire tread. With President Lincoln’s head pointed down, insert a penny into the grooves on your tire tread. If any part of Lincoln’s head is hidden by the tire tread, your tires are fine. Otherwise, your ... Read more