• Client Testimonial

    Tuesday May 15th, 2018 Ms. Kpaduwa was very professional and kept me updated on my case. Also, when I was about to freak out, Ms. Kpaduwa arranged to meet with me to answer any concerns I had and discussed with me how Maryland criminal system works to keep me from worrying prior to the ... Read more
  • Do you drive for Uber or Lyft?

    Monday May 07th, 2018 Ride sharing programs are all the rage these days, and everyone is excited to make that extra coin. Most people engaging in ride sharing programs are not informing their personal insurance companies of the additional use of their vehicle, and that becomes a problem if you are at fault ... Read more
  • A denial of your car accident injury claim may not be the end of the road

    Wednesday May 02nd, 2018 I recently handled a car accident case where the insurance company denied liability stating my client was at fault of the accident when he clearly wasn’t. Police reports are not admissible in a lawsuit, but the police report stated my client was not at fault and the insurance company ... Read more
  • Driving without a License

    Thursday April 26th, 2018 In this case, without a license means you have never applied for one. Common reasons why people drive without a license are: I had to go to work (this is not an emergency by the way) Someone needed to go to the hospital I don’t have one The reason for breaking this law might ... Read more
  • Don’t post on social media during ‪accident treatments‬

    Tuesday April 10th, 2018 Some of us like to post every single daily activity on social media. For example, eating at a café, doing the laundry lol don’t get me started…but I digress. Insurance companies check out the pages of people who have been injured in accidents. Imagine that you have ... Read more
  • Do you have an excluded driver on your car insurance policy?

    Tuesday April 03rd, 2018 If you give your car to a family member to use and they get in an accident, that is not the time to find out that they are listed as an excluded driver on your insurance policy. This is even worse when the family member is at fault for ... Read more
  • What Do I Need on My Auto Insurance Policy? A High Policy Limit

    Monday March 26th, 2018 Having a high policy limit is arguably one of the most important options to consider when getting car insurance. So many people choose the lowest policy limits to save money, but this is a “penny-wise, pound-foolish” situation. If you are ever in a serious car accident and have ... Read more
  • What Do I Need on My Auto Insurance Policy? Full Coverage

    Tuesday March 20th, 2018 Many of us only get liability coverage on our car insurance because it will save us costs in monthly payments. The problem is, if you get into a car accident, you will realize it was worth it to pay a little extra for full coverage. Sometimes determining liability for the ... Read more
  • How Long Do I Need to Treat for My Car Accident Injuries?

    Tuesday March 13th, 2018 This question comes up a lot because some people think there is a magic formula for the number of treatments needed to maximize your injury claim. Treatment should be as long as necessary for the injury sustained. The doctors or physical therapist, in cooperation with the patient, should determine how ... Read more
  • Driver’s License Identity Theft

    Thursday March 08th, 2018 Once in a while, I handle cases where someone has a traffic court date but was never pulled over by the police. Despite the fact that they honestly have not committed a traffic violation, they are shocked to find that the case has their correct information (i.e. full name, address, ... Read more