A Guide to the Auto-Accident Injury Claim – Part 1

The personal injury claim process is a long one. It can last as long as six months without litigation and over a year with litigation. People usually get anxious or confused by the long process and rarely seem to understand what is going on. I hope this roadmap will guide you through the lengthy process and answer questions you may have throughout the process.
Order of the Process:
● Treatment by the Doctor: It is important to seek treatment immediately after an auto-accident from medical providers. Examples of eligible providers include the emergency room, your primary physician, a physical therapist, chiropractor , or orthopedic doctor.
● Discharged by the Doctor: Some people ask me how long they should treat, and my response is always, “I am not a doctor and I cannot answer that question.” Only your doctors should determine the treatment plan and the length of treatment.
● Collection of Medical Records and Bills: During treatment, your ambulance invoice, emergency bills and records will be retrieved from the medical providers. Once you have been discharged by your physical therapy, yours bills and records are sent to the lawyer’s office for the demand package assembly.
● Demand Package Mailed: Your demand package will consist of all your medical bills and records, ambulance bill, physical therapy bills and records, lost wages form, and any out of pocket expenses such as Uber receipts and rental car receipts. All insurance companies are given 30 days to review the entire package.
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